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Posted: 07/01/2010

I started recording a monthly Internet Radio show called the Film Photography Podcast last October in order to share my enthusiasm about shooting film. At that time I was already recording a monthly show covering underground B-Movies (called the Alternative Cinema Podcast). I was chewing up so much time on the AC podcast talking about film photography that I decided to branch out and record a show solely devoted to shooting film.

Noel “Scotch” Anderson’s art for the Alternative Cinema Podcast

I had no idea how popular and well received the show would become. I’ve met so many amazing artists these past months and most recently Dan Domme, a podcast listener even visited my studio and did a guest spot on the show.

Dan Domme visits the FPP! / Polaroid Transfer using the Colorpack II camera and Fuji FP-100c film


Duane and John during a 2009 episode / Shot on Keystone 125x Auto-Instant Camera using expired Kodak 126 film)

I’m really happy to tell everyone that I’ve expanded the show to twice a month starting with this July 1st episode. An amazing thanks to Duane Polcou and John Fedele for coming along for this great ride. The show is really picking up steam and remains firmly rooting in its original theme – Have Fun Shooting Film!


Dan Domme shot this image of me outside the famous Mac’s Diner / Eastar TLR camera on Kodak Portra 160NC

Enjoy and Thank You!

Check out Episode 10: The Epic Film Photography Summer Episode! A plethora of film photography info is covered including listener film galleries and the Polaroid 600 / Agfa Clack camera giveaway!

FPP guys Michael Raso, Duane Polcou and John Fedele welcome podcast listener Dan Domme


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