Impossible? No way! Impossible Project releases PX-600 Instant Film for Polaroid 600 Cameras

Posted: 04/16/2010

After the announcement by The Impossible Project on March 22nd about the release of their new film (PX-100) for Polaroid SX-70 Cameras, I’ve been a bit “Polaroid Crazy” – traveling through my days with my 1977 Polaroid One Step around my neck.



My 1977 Polaroid One Step 1000 camera / PX-100
shot of me (during the April FFP Podcast)

It’s been a fun month shooting Polaroids…asking folks I shoot, “Sign my Polaroid of you?”


Rob DeSaro, Dave Northrop and many others were kind enough
to add autographs to their Polaroid likenesses.

The previously released PX-100 film was heartily covered in the April 15th Film Photography Podcast:


Ruby LaRocca from Faces of Schlock photo shoot

Film Photography Podcast co-host Duane Polcou

Above images I shot on Impossible's PX-100 Instant Film.

Well, today the kind folks at The Impossible Project released a new monochrome film for Polaroid 600 cameras called PX-600.

They were nice enough to send me an e-mail with sample images and details.
16 APRIL 2010

Impossible releases new PX 600 film for Polaroid 600 cameras


Enschede, The Netherlands, April 16, 2010. Just four weeks ago, The Impossible Project announced the successful outcome of its mission to re-produce a new instant film for traditional Polaroid cameras and presented the PX 100 Silver Shade film for Polaroid SX70 cameras.

Today Impossible is already releasing its next new film material: the PX 600 Silver Shade. „This is another major step into the bright future of analog Instant Photography“, says the founder of The Impossible Project, Florian Kaps. The PX 600 is a high definition integral film featuring beautifully detailed monochrome characteristics. It is astonishingly precise and sharp, and exactly what millions of hungry Polaroid 600 cameras worldwide are waiting for.

Image © The Impossible Project (used with permission)

While the previously released PX 100 Silver Shade may be considered to be more of an artistic material for the professional user, the new PX 600 Silver Shade film prooves to be a much more convenient product for everyday use. "The new masterpiece of the Impossible labs in Enschede is a highly astonishing material that will zoom all the lovers of Polaroid cameras back into the good old days when every single shot was a wonderful exciting instant adventure", Kaps describes the potential of the new monochrome material.

Image © The Impossible Project (used with permission)

The PX 600 Silver Shade film will be available on as well as at selected retail partners. Launch events will be held on April 22 at Chandal in Barcelona, on April 24 at The Photographers' Gallery in London and on April 30 in the SofortBildShop Berlin. April 30 will also mark the opening day of The Impossible Project's Space in New York City.

Beyond that the Impossible team of the factory in Enschede has more good news: development of the color material is making great progress and the first color film material with 100 ASA will presumably be released in June 2010.



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