Test Your Vintage Super 8 Camera Before Shooting Your First Roll

Posted: 12/25/2020

Movie film shooter Michael Raso gives three quick tips so you can successfully shoot your first roll in your new-to-you vintage Super 8 camera!

Three quick tips to successfully shoot your first roll of Super 8 film.

  • Know what battery type your camera takes. Many older Super 8 cameras have two battery chambers. One (usually AA) for the motor and one (usually button cell) for the light meter. Since most Super 8 cameras have automatic settings, its important that the internal light meter / exposure works. Note that newer cameras (like the Bell & Howell T20XL only take one set of batteries.

  • Check the transport of your film cartridge. The most disappointing news if that you spend a day shooting only to discover that the film in your Super 8 cartridge wasn't moving through the gate of your camera.

  • Make sure your film reads EXPOSED after shooting your roll. This indicates that the roll is finished and ready for developing.

The FPP offers film, developing and scanning for Super 8 Regular 8mm and 16mm movie film.


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