Make Monsters with the LOMOKINO Movie Maker!

Posted: 10/24/2017


How to Make a Monster with a roll of 35mm film! Blog by Michael Raso

It may come as no surprise, I LOVE monster movies! Two years ago the Lomography company sent me their brand new 35mm Movie Maker to test out out and I immediately embarked upon the fun task of shooting some ultra-mini movies. The latest, LOMOKINO Werewolf is  completed in time for Halloween! Before I write about what exactly a LOMOKINO is, let's look at LOMOKINO Werewolf!

What is a LOMOKINO?

The LomoKino is a square, plastic camera that has a crank on the side of it to make movies the old-fashioned way (old-fashioned as in the days of Charlie Chaplin)! The camera takes a standard roll of 35mm film and has three apertures - f5.6, f8 and f11. The shutter is 1/100th of a second and the frame is 24mm x 8.5. When cranking, you expose about 3 frames per second. It took two rolls of 36 exposure Kodak film to make LOMOKINO Werewolf. John Fedele and I make an instructional video explaining the LOMOKINO (below)

I've completed a number of mini-movies - all a real blast to make and edit. Speaking of editing, most computers now come stocked with a basic editing program, meaning anyone can shoot and edit a movie. I used an old Windows XP machine that came with Windows Movie Maker. It's the most basic of programs. I scanned each frame using my Epson V700 scanner and then imported each frame into the Windows Movie Maker program. Lomography offers a great tutorial page HERE.

Here are a few of the movies I've shot and edited using the LOMOKINO:

above: The prequel to LOMOKINO Werewolf!

above: John Fedele in "The Pest"

You can get your very own LomoKino from the awesome folks at Lomography -


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