Develop My Own Color Film - What Stuff Do I Need?

Posted: 05/20/2017

With the addition to Color Chemistry to our FPP On-Line Store, many of you have stated and asked – “I’m new to home development. Are the color development kits just chemicals or do I need other items? Are there instructions in the kit?"

All of the color kits come with mixing instructions. Our Color Kits include all the chemistry you will need in one box. For Color you will need the following after you have shot your roll of film and ready to develop:

  • A Workspace with running, hot water (away from children and pets)

  • Can opener (to remove the film from the 35mm canister) - does not apply to 120 or 620

  • Film tank and reels - These are the reels that hold your film in the light tight tank. The only step that takes place in the dark is loading your film from the canister to your reel and tank. Out tank holds two 35mm rolls or one 120 (or 620) roll of film. You can load your film in a pitch black room or use a film changing bag.

  • What else? You will also need a Container to hold your chemistry, a Funnel, Thermometer, Measuring Beaker, Squeegee and of course, your chemistry. All of these items are available in the Darkroom Supply area of the FPP On-Line Store.

  • Processing your own Color is super easy! If you already own a negative scanner then you're now your own mini-lab! See our video below on developing color using our C-41 Color Negative Kit.


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