How Do I Submit Content To The Film Photography Project?

Posted: 12/16/2011


Recently long-time FPP listener Ron O’Connor asked, “Do you have guidelines for submitting content (such as a camera review, a unique film shooting experience, how-to, etc.) for the FPP site?”

Would you like members to contact you with an idea before we submit content?

Yes, before submitting content, please e-mail me at

Do you have a suggested maximum number of words?

No, there is not a maximum number of words but please keep it concise and interesting. All content will be slightly edited before going “live.”

Is there a particular file format (e.g, Word) that you want us to use?

Microsoft Word (.doc only – not the newer .docx) or submit your text in the body of your e-mail.

Can we send the text in the body of an e-mail and attach photos?

Yes, please attach photos (200dpi – 5 inches at the longest width). It is always helpful when you indicate in the text where the pictures should be placed.

Additionally, If you are attending an event and wish to record audio for a segment, please e-mail me for the specifications.

If you blog for FPP on a regular basis you can be set up to enter your blog directly on the site!

Thank you for your contributions to The Film Photography Project!



Michael Raso, FPP

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