Introducing Cine8 Color Positive 100D 8mm Movie Film

Posted: 04/01/2020

Introducing Cine8 Color Positive 100d Movie Film
New 8mm Color Movie Film from The Film Photography Project

The Film Photography Project brings stunning Kodak Ektachrome film to the Double 8 motion picture format with the newest addition to its Cine8 Double 8 Film line – the Cine8 Color Positive 100d!

You’ll get the clean colors and beautiful grain Ektachrome shooters know and love in a 25ft roll that loads easily into your Regular 8 camera and yields 50 ft of film once processed and slit by the lab. Cine8 Color Positive 100d delivers outstanding results in outdoors or studio conditions with accurate flesh tones, a neutral gray scale and exceptional sharpness and grain. Because it’s Color Positive (aka Color Reversal), it’s equally suited for projecting or scanning for digital viewing.

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Cine8 Color Positive 100d Specs

  • ISO 100

  • 25 ft Double 8 rolls yield 50 ft of film

  • For Regular 8 Cameras Only

  • Color Positive (Color Reversal) film

  • For Projection or Scanning

  • 4 mins and 10 seconds of footage when shot at 16fps

  • 2 mins and 47 seconds of footage when shot at 24fps

  • Not for Super 8 and 8mm cameras that accept “magazine” type film

Cine8 Color Positive 100 Emulsion

This iconic color slide film for Regular 8 motion picture cameras is made available for the first time in decades from the Film Photography Project through a special relationship with Eastman Kodak.

About the Cine8 Double 8 Film Line from the Film Photography Project

Cine8 Color Positive 100 is the newest addition to the Film Photography Project’s Cine8 Double 8 Film Line, consisting of new 8mm (also known as regular 8 or double 8) film stock that is perforated, hand-cut and hand-rolled before being packaged on individual 25ft camera daylight spools. After the film is developed, the processor slits it down the middle resulting in two lengths of 8mm film single perforated on each side – a total of 50 feet of film.

How Do I Shoot Double 8 Film?

On the first pass through the camera, only half the width of the film is exposed.  Once you’ve completed the first pass, simply open the camera, flip and swap the spools, close the camera and shoot the other half of the roll. It is important to note that the CINE8 film spools load easily into all regular 8 motion picture film cameras that take 25ft spools but is not intended for 8mm cameras that take magazines or Super 8 cameras.

More Questions?  Watch the FPP’s Video on What is and How to Load Double 8 Film Here!

The Film Photography Project offers a full line of movie film including Double 8, Super 8, 16mm as well as movie developing / scanning services.


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