For The LOVE Of 620 Film!

Posted: 02/19/2015


The Film Photography Project LOVES 620 film. We love 620 SO MUCH that we have engaged an American plastics factory to craft and mold inject brand new 620 spools. Why you ask? There are so many Kodak Brownies (and other 620 brand) cameras out there just waiting to be shot! With our new 620 spools in hand, the FPP offers spools (so you can roll your own film from 120) and fresh film in our 620 Film Store (here)!


I recently sent some sample FPP 620 spools to Chuck Baker. Chuck runs the Kodak Brownie Camera Page. I received this response:
Hello Mike,

Thanks for the spools and Verichrome.  I’ve completed a thorough testing of the spools in many different cameras for fit along with a very harsh light-leak test and overall construction.

There was 100% fit in all of the 25 or so cameras I tried them in. A couple were tighter than others but all fit and could be removed easily without the film unraveling. There was no film jamming when used as both film carrier and film take up.

The light-leak test was performed with 2 FPP spools and 2 Kodak metal spools, side by side and respooled with film at the same time. I got a small amount of light-leak when exposing a respooled roll to direct sunlight and an up close bright LED flashlight for a long period of time. The FPP allowed virtually the same amount of light in along the outside roll edges as did the Kodak metal spool.  None of the light-leaks went into an image area. No light leaks were seen deeper than 3 layers, around image number 4. There were no light-leaks on any film handled correctly in subdued light while loading and unloading.

I think the spools are constructed well but are affected by heat and pressure...more than metal. One of the 4 spools sent had a slight bend, or misshaping, to one of the flanges.  I did not use this spool in any test knowing the light leak would be severe.  Other than that, the spools are great!!

I'll be updating "Finding Film Spools"
on The Brownie Camera Page
with a direct link to your spool page. Where to get spools is a question I get often.

If there’s anything else you’d like from me, please ask, and keep up the good work!

Best Regards and Have Fun!

Chuck Baker


The Brownie Camera Page



above: The manufacturing of FPP 620 Film Spools. Made in the USA!


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