Introducing FPP Hand-Rolled 35mm bw Film

Posted: 02/14/2018

FPP Rolls Out a New Line of Hand-Rolled Films
blog by Michael Raso

What a better day to roll out a new film than Valentine's Day? While it's true - we do love and appreciate film everyday - today is just a bit special. I'm always looking to make excellent, hard-to-find emulsions readily available to you and today I'm happy to present the following emulsions in 24 exposure rolls and as 100 foot bulk rolls. Available starting right now in the FPP on-line store.

Above image by Leslie Lazenby shot on FPP bw 100 (Orwo un54)

What is FPP Hand-rolled 100 bw film?
This film is the beautiful emulsion ORWO un54 - a panchromatic medium speed BW negative film on a triacetate base. To purchase please visit the bw 100 product page.

above: FPP bw 200 film shot at 500 iso! Processed in Diafine.

What is 200 FPP's bw film?
This film was manufactured by Foma for a private surveillance company here in the USA. Because it is a surveillance film, the film has a wonderful latitude and is perfect for general use or long exposures. To purchase, please visit the bw 200 product page.

above: the lovely Jones Mansion shot by leslie Lazenby on FPP bw 400 (Orwo n74)

What is FPP Hand-rolled 400 bw film?
This film is the wonderful ORWO n74 emulsion - a panchromatic high speed BW negative film on a triacetate base. To purchase please visit the bw 400 product page.

If you roll your own 35mm film you can also find our FPP bw films at our Bulk Roll page.


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