Shooting FPP's "Super Positive" BW Slide Film

Blog by Michael Raso

I love shooting new, unusual film stocks. One of the more unusual stocks that I hand-roll for our Film Photography Project on-line store is a scientific lab film by Svema. We call this low contrast, low ISO film "BW Super Positive" (iso 0.8!) because the film produces a black and white positive when processed using normal BW chemistry. That's right, you can process this film yourself in standard BW chemistry or send this film to any lab that processes BW! What you'll get is Super Positive results.

The film has an amazingly LOW ISO, so I shoot in daylight with my lens fully open at about 1/10th or 1/15th sec. I highly recommend the Gossen Luna Pro F light meter if you'd like to use a hand-held meter. It dials down to iso 0.8. I'm not sure if this is a blue-sensitive film but I recommend shooting in broad daylight (as I did in the above image). I processed in Kodak D76 6 minutes at 68 degrees.

Leslie Lazenby offered the following info on her image above: "When you pull this film from the developing reel you see positives not negatives with standard B/W negative developer. It's a true B/W - usually you think of slide film only coming in color! Although a challenge at first to find the right developer and time combo I found my standby Xtol nailed it. This film in real life is a Dactylographic film, used in the study of finger prints so it very slow and fine grained. But you can still hand hold on a sunny day. Hand processed in Kodak Xtol stock, 68 degrees 8 minutes, 5/5 agitation. I shot this with my Olympus OM-1n, Zuiko 50mm 1.8. I Light metered with a Minolta Flash meter set to it's lowest ISO of 3 then plus 2 stops from the reading to get to .75 ISO."

Long-time FPP podacst listener Kevin Collins shot the above image with his Nikon F3 / Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens / Aperture: f/8 / Shutter Speed: 8s / Developer: Kodak Xtol (Stock) @ 20C for 8:00 minutes. / Scanner: Epson V600

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Additional image results here:


Anonymous's picture
Any idea on development time in Ilfotec HC? That's the only developer I currently have. Thanks!
rwl7532's picture

You are in luck, sort of.

A mere 37 seconds into the latest (July 1st, 2016) FPP podcast Leslie describes her method of determining development times when those times are unknown for the particular developer and film combination.

Buy two rolls, use one with Leslie's method and your problem is solved. Please share your results.

philstyler's picture

Hello, some info for anyone interested in working out development of this film - my standard stand-development method resulted unusable "positives"!! I will have to try a standard development time & dilution etc.



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