Shooting BW Infrared Film in Winter

Posted: 01/20/2016


Blog by Leslie Lazenby

Infrared film photography is usually reserved for shooting images when vegetation is in full bloom - the days when the air is hot and the most UV is available via the sun.

What about the dead of winter? Leslie Lazenby tested some new FPP BW Infrared 35mm film and achieved some interesting results.

Nikon FE camera, Nikkon 105mm lens - 25A red filter - processed in Xtol stock, 8 minutes, 68 degrees - From loading and unloading to the processing all steps were done in total darkness.


Leslie says: “This time of year there is no white glowing leaves or grass, but all in all IR has an interesting look anytime of the year. It can give you amazing skys and you will never know how any of this going to look until the film is developing. The film is Film Photography Project’s  new BW Infrared 35mm film shot at box speed of ISO 200.

Images © 2016 Leslie Lazenby


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