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Posted: 06/25/2015


a film by Angus Mitchell

Chasing Light is a beautifully done video short featuring three very talented UK-based photographers: Leon Taylor, Valda Bailey, and David Higgs. While all three of them do something a little bit different with photography, it's evident that they're passionate about what they do, and how they approach each photograph.

Over the years, I've had the honor of knowing and following the work of two of these three photographers, Leon and Dave. It's been a joy watching their bodies of work grow and change over time, and I can't think of a better way to sum up their love for photography than Chasing Light does in a matter of minutes! If you're not familiar with any of the traditional processes in photography, I urge you to watch this video, and then do it a few more times.

- Mat Marrash


The Film Photography Project is proud to present "Chasing Light"

Chasing Light is a fifteen minute documentary designed to demonstrate that photography in the modern age is not just about the use of mobile phones and compact cameras to create images It shows how traditional and alternate photographic processes are used, and manipulated by master’s of their craft to create the perfect art. Whilst the film does take a modest approach to showing traditional methods, newer forms of photography are also acknowledged – after all, cameras and lenses are just tools, and it should always be the final image that matters. The film features three UK based photographers: Leon Taylor, Valda Bailey and David Higgs. All three of whom are renowned within global photographic circles, for their unique styles, original creativity and photographic innovation. Chasing Light will hopefully inspire and with new knowledge to use for your own photography.


The Artists (in order of appearance)
Leon Taylor, Valda Bailey & David Higgs

Director / Director Of Photography / Editor
Angus Mitchell

Charley Packham

Original Score
Benjamin Squires

'B' Camera Operator / Camera Assistant
Douglas Benge

Location Sound Recordist
Joshua Bosley

Filmed entirely on location in the United Kingdom at Margate, Brighton and Eastbourne

Camera package supplied by Mad Dogs Television Ltd., Hampshire UK

Uploaded by The Film Photography Project with permission
Angus Mitchell © 2015



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