Terry O'Neill Interview on Film Photography Podcast 87!

Posted: 09/15/2013


FPP UK Corespondent Vivian Lee had a chance to catch up with photography Terry O’Neill - jazz drummer turned photographer and scored an exclusive interview for the FPP!! Terry has been in the photography biz since the early 1960s, capturing celebrities, politicians, and even royalty. He loved it, worked hard in the early days - always going for the big picture - working up to five different photo jobs in a day when many were doing just one! He shot 35mm is the days when most photographers were carting around large format cameras. Celebrities loved him because he was respectful and worked very quickly. Terry speaks about shooting the likes of Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn - real entertainers and celebrities with talent! Today he sells prints, having them made at a local ProLab (Metro) because he just doesn’t have the time to spend making the perfect print. His best advice to young budding photographers - just keep taking pictures. Great advice from England's greatest living photographer!!! Need a gift for a photographer pal who has everything? Get them a Terry O'Neill print! http://www.terryo.co.uk/


above: Hear the Terry O'Neill interview at 42:35 on FPP 87 - the September 15, 2013 Film Photography Podcast / Main show notes link for Episode 87 here. Read Vivian Li's blog about her day with Terry O'Neill - http://www.vivianeli.com/blog/2013/09/78#.Ujhufn9Ox8E

top photo: Photographer Terry O’Neill photographed by Viviane Li


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