Amy Arbus Interview on Film Photography Podcast 87!

Posted: 09/15/2013


FPP correspondent Amy Davies caught up with photographer Amy Arbus recently and was able to secure an exclusive interview for the FPP. Ms Arbus has an extensive portfolio with four books, and clients such as Nickelodeon, American Express, and New Line Cinema. She also teaches for the Maine Media Workshop. Her third book, “On the Street” covered her early work with the Village Voice getting portraits of interestingly dressed people out on the street, her second book “The Fourth Wall” covered more portraits of actors from on and off Broadway shows.

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above: Hear the Amy Arbus interview at 17:49 on FPP 87 - the September 15, 2013 Film Photography Podcast / Main show notes link for Episode 87 here.

Amy remains a solid supporter of film photography preferring to work with B&W in 35mm and 120. When asked about her style, Amy replied that "it found her rather that her finding it...and how that is much more natural".

Interested to hear Amy speak or teach, check out her website: and you can find upcoming events in the About section on her website (as well as information about her books and some of her portfolio.)


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