KEH - Two Thumbs Up!

Posted: 02/01/2013

KEH_Warehouse_3_2 KEH Camera was founded in 1979 in Atlanta, GA by King Grant, Jr. and are the World's Largest dealer of used photographic digital and film products. In July 2012 (on FPP 64), FPP Man-on-the-street Hunter White interviewed Todd Murphy, President of KEH in Georgia USA.

Blog by Mat Marrash

Back in July 2012, FPP was pleased to have our “Man on the Street”, Hunter White, conduct a fabulous interview with the used camera gurus, KEH.

At the time of recording, I’d never done any business with KEH, but after hearing all of the rave reviews FPP’ers, listeners and hosts alike were giving, I thought I'd check KEH out for myself.

So, after a handful of purchases from KEH over the winter months, I can attest that these guys are the real deal. Their prices, service, shipping, and item quality are all superb! And for the budget-minded large format shooters out there (I know you’re listening!) KEH is probably one of the best kept secrets for purchasing LF gear.

above: Sinar P2 lens board, bellows shade, and cable release all thanks to KEH!

Each purchase with KEH was as quick, satisfying, and light on the wallet as one could imagine buying used camera gear would be. They electronically notify you of the status of your order, including tracking numbers, and are very friendly and approachable, should anything be wrong with your order.

above: The warehouse at KEH. All KEH photos by Hunter White

If you’ve never done business with KEH, and are weary of purchasing previously owned equipment, don’t be! KEH has the most conservative gear rating system on the web, and are known for their rigid judgment of all products. What I would have considered “Like New” was “Bargain” to them, and got several fantastic deals as a result.

July 2012 interview with Todd Murphy, President of KEH - HERE

Again, if you’re looking for odds and ends for your film camera, a new lens, new film back, or maybe even some studio accessories, check out KEH. Here at the Film Photography Project, we give ‘em two thumbs, way, WAY up!


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