Film Dead? Hell, No!

Posted: 08/12/2012


blog by Michael Raso

Today, I received an e-mail from Zac Gooch, chief videographer at KBAK, the CBS affiliate in Bakersfield, CA.

He’s a film shooter who recently wrapped up a video news piece on film called “Is Film Dead?”

When I asked Zac about the video (posted above), he responded “I was really interested in the fact that contrary to popular belief…. film photography is not yet dead. In fact I found out that our local photography shop was constructing a new public darkroom. I thought this was unheard of so I decided to do a news story on it.”

The news story was a labor of love for Zac (written by KBAK’s Leyla Santiago) and was shot during a three month period.

Zac’s excellent slice-of-life video reminds me of the comprehensive reporting done by the “CBS Sunday Morning” team. More importantly, Zac’s vid “hipped me” to film folks that I was previously unaware.


The women at Made U Look Photography (pictured above) are shooting commercially on film, Kristopher Stallworth is teaching film at Bakersfield College and blogging on his own site and hey...I never knew about Henley’s Photo Shop! Henley’s Jimmy Bunting is an avid film photographer.


above: Kristopher Stallworth
, professor at Bakersfield College and the Henley's staff (look, they have a Traditional Film Center!)

Super Positive!
Michael Raso

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