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Posted: 03/10/2012

Alex Luyckx was asked to pick his top 10 from the FPP Flickr Pool for Winter of 2012. Alex is a long time FPP listener and participant (FPP Guest Episode 55), and works as a support analyst in the Information Technology field and as a Freelance Photographer. You can follow his work at:


I always enjoy killing time looking through the FPP pool on flickr, often to learn how others are working on their photographic skills, and more importantly willing to share them with the community. So when given the opportunity to pick out my favorites, I jumped at the chance. Here are my top ten picks from the FPP flickr pool for January and February 2012.

All photographs presented here are © 2012 their original authors and are being used with their permission, they may not be used elsewhere.


Like It Is Practically Still Swimming, Oh Wait, It's Dead - By Hunter White

I was instantly drawn to this rather morbid photo of gutted fish, it was really the colors that drew me in, even though I'm not a fan of seafood. The shallow depth of field also gives good focus to the front of frame, even with the repeating patterns. Plus it's on Portra 400, who can go wrong with that stock!


Cape Liptrap Trails - By Philip Rouse

Astro-photography is one thing that I've always wanted to try, so when I came across Philip's photo I knew I had to include it in my picks. It's clean and focused, and dead sharp.


Two trees - By Jonny Taulen

Clean, simple, and minimal. I love the volume of negative space in this image and even the b/w only adds to this wonderful winter photo. Reminds me of what winter should be.


{{ C is for.... Crumbling Castle }} - By Matthew

A great example rule of thirds and simplicity, the old window clearly being the focus while the rest of the Castle crumbles around it.  Plus I've always been a fan of old buildings, standing or in ruins.


Hiking Volcan Imbabura - By WideAngleWandering

Beautiful landscapes and captured wonderfully in full wide view, as the name of the photographer suggests. Usually one would expect such photos to be bright saturated colors, but it was the muted tones and warm glow that really drew me into this image.


PX100 UV+ 1st box - By Tom Hart

Perfect slice of life photo, just something out of Tom's normal routine now captured wonderfully on Impossible Project PX100 film. It was the mundane nature of this image that really made it stand out. Just a little slice of the photographer's life.


Sun Burst Through Tree's and BBQ Smoke - By Max Broadbent

You can never go wrong with sunbeams. And even the narrow crop of this photo really draws me into the bright sun and the steams of light being highlighted by the smoke.

Incendiary Sunset_2

Incendiary Sunset - By Ian Chamberlain

Hands down the west coast gives the best sunsets, no matter where you are, especially over the water. This photo could only be captured in color and on slide film. Just amazing.


Clare de Lune - By Sarah Berger

When it comes to fashion and portrait photographer there's something to be said about a properly lit image, even using a low-key look. Brilliant image, perfect in b/w, and has that great film-noir feel to it.


Triangles - By Donovan T M

Another great square format image, clean, simple, and the best feature is the water drops running down the windows. Black and White only adding to the dreary wet mood this photo evokes.


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