FPP & Sharp Photo 8x10 Print Exchange!

Posted: 02/20/2012


FPP Print Exchange #1 and #2 were lots of fun, so please join FPP and Sharp Photo as we do it again!

What is a print exchange?

It’s really just what it sounds like. After signing up, you are randomly assigned someone to send a print to and someone else is randomly selected to send you a print.

A few simple rules:

  1. To join the FPP & Sharp Photo 8x10 Print Exchange just fill out the form below.

  2. If you join the FPP & Sharp Photo 8x10 Print Exchange, you agree you will send a print—this means you need to cover the associated costs to send your print, but hey, someone else is doing the same to send you a print too! For the FPP & Sharp Photo Print Exchange you have two options:

    1. Produce a print yourself, package and ship it. You can create the print yourself (photographic, inkjet, you name it) or use the lab of your choice. If possible, it is suggested to include tracking on your print shipment.

    2. Go to Sharp Photo and order a 8x10 print. Part of the cost will also go to FPP as a donation, so you get a print and a chance to help out the FPP—Super Positive! Here’s how to order your prints from Sharp Photo:

    • To order and ship your print through Sharp Photo go to http://www.sharpprints.com/ click on “order prints” and launch the photo up-loader application to start your exchange.

    • Select your image to upload.  Please order 1 print at a time.  If you wish to submit more prints please do so with a separate order

    • Choose the print option “FPP & Sharp 8x10 Print Exchange” (this should be the final option)

    • Choose your finish option and include a friendly note to your randomly assigned recipient (flikr handle, website, alternative e-mail, information about the image, ect.)

    • Fill in your contact information and choose the $1.00 shipping option. Your contact information will be provided to the recipient so that they can correspond with with you after the arrival of your print.

    • Proceed to the checkout to take care of payment.

    • Your order will be submitted to Sharp Photo where it will be fulfilled and shipped to your randomly assigned recipient.

    • NOTES:

      • For every 8x10 ordered under the “FPP & Sharp 8x10 Print Exchange” title Sharp Photo will make a $1 donation to the FPP.  So tell your friends, tell your family, tell your teachers, tell your preachers and get them to participate in the FPP & Sharp Photo print exchange.  Limited to the first 1,000,000 submissions!
If you'd like to have Sharp print directly from your negative send it to Sharp by the submission deadline and we can scan, print and ship your 8x10 print for $6.00.  Any size negative will work.  Additional shipping of $2.98 to return your negative will apply.

  3. What’s considered a print. For the FPP & Sharp Photo 8x10  Print Exchange, we're going to limit things (don't worry, there will be more print exchanges with more rules—I'm thinking Instant Print Exchange for summer!). Prints can be from any analog photography format (instant photography included, but has to be 8x10), but can be printed photographically OR digitally from a scanned file. You just need to send a print, you don't need to matt or frame it. Square or other ratios can need to be printed on 8x10 paper to the desired size (e.g., 8x8 is OK)

  4. Communication is key. I will send your email and mailing address (via email) to the person who will send you a print, and I’ll email you with the same info for the person you need to send a print to (so you need to be OK with the info from the form below being shared with person sending you a print). From there on, communication is up to you. Once you find out who you’re exchanging prints with (both who you are sending a print to and who will be sending one to you) get in touch via email and stay in touch. Let the person know when you ship out the print, share any tracking information, let the person sending you a print when the print arrives, drop them a line if it doesn't show up. If you run into any problems at all, reach out to me.

  5. Share some more. Post your print to this thread when you send it—obviously this means the print you send needs to be on Flickr (pick a photo already in your photostream or add the photo to your photostream). Podcast Host Michael Raso will create a gallery and include the images on the Film Photography Project Gallery, so images must have URL link enabled—to facilitate that end, please add a link to the image you will be sending to this thread.

  6. Stick to the deadlines.

Easy right? Any questions, let me know.

OK, now the deadlines:

  • Kickoff of the FPP & Sharp Photo 8x10 Print Exchange, Feb 15, 2012

  • Last day to signup to the FPP & Sharp Photo 8x10 Print Exchange: Feb 29, 2012

  • Announcement of the exchange list (this is the list of who you will be sending a print to, and who will be sending a print to you: March 2, 2012

  • Drop dead to get your address to the person sending you a print: April 1, 2012

Who’s in?

If you want to discuss this Print Exchange, head over to this thread on the FPP forums.

Did I mention, please let me know if you have any questions and comments about the exchange.


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