“Help me Impossible Project. You’re my only hope.”

Posted: 09/06/2010

After discovering the defunct Polaroid Type 500 Instant Film format (along with the awesome Polaroid JoyCam & Captiva SLR camera), I tried to acquire Type 500 film, only to find it almost impossible to find.

Impossible…that’s it! If anyone could re-manufacture 500 film, it would be The Impossible Project! After all, these guys have the Polaroid JoyCam on their site. It won’t be long before they make their PX film for Polaroid 500 cameras, right? Right?? Right?!?!?

Sadly, no.

My email to the Impossible Project:

Michael Raso, Aug 24 21:16 (CEST):
Hello Impossible,
With the thousands of Polaroid Captiva SLR and Joycam cameras in the world combined with the growing cult around Polaroid 500, will Impossible produce new Type 500 film?
Best to everyone at TIP,
Michael Raso
producer / host
Film Photography Podcast

The Impossible Project replied:

Impossible Customer Service, Aug 25 11:13 (CEST):

hello michael,

Thank you for your email.

The type 500 film is an original Polaroid film and will not be reproduced. Sorry, I have no better information for you.

kind regards,
Impossible Customer Service

More info:


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