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Posted: 07/03/2010

7/2/2010Polaroid One600 cameraImpossible PX600 Instant Film

In an age where indoor and highway strip malls rule, it's always a real joy to skip the norm and go local. I lived in Pompton Lakes, NJ a few years ago and really dug the town's "main street" (which happens to be called Wanaque Avenue). A hop, skip and jump from my studio, Pompton Lakes makes a perfect afternoon break in wonderful Friday afternoon weather.


Today’s camera-in-hand was my Polaroid One600 camera using PX 600, an instant monochrome film recently introduced by The Impossible Project. The Impossible Project is responsible for re-introducing film for Polaroid SX-70 and Polaroid 600 cameras (Polaroid discontinued manufacturing film in 2009).

Pomptom Lakes, NJ7/2/2010Polaroid One600 cameraImpossible PX600 Instant Film
Flip Side Records is a vinyl lovers haven. Stop in and see owner Dan Dondiego. Pictured is Joey K wearing the LP jacket of the Joe E Ross Tribute album.

“Flipside Records is a legendary New Jersey record store that has a bounty of used records - the kind of records you just don't find anywhere else no less at a decent price. As you can see, it is sort of a free for all so it takes a little digging but it is always worth the trouble. There is always something ridiculously weird or cool to discover there although it may be hidden under scattered beer bottles or next to a zucchini in a birdcage.”


Read more of what Tracy has to say about Flipside.

Pomptom Lakes, NJ7/2/2010Polaroid One600 cameraImpossible PX600 Instant Film
The Wonderfun Shop. Magic, Costumes and Entertainment.


Authentic Mexican food at Taquerra Selena

Charisma 7 Antiques

“The floor, walls and ceiling are simply inundated with great merchandise from decades past. If you can, set aside a couple of hours to roam the store.”


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