The camera has arrived!!! YES!!!!!

Posted: 04/26/2010

On the April 15th The Film Photography Podcast (Internet Radio Show) gave away a Polaroid 600 Camera. Chris Nielsen from New Zealand was the lucky winner!

Today, I received the following correspondence from Chris:
4/26/2010 (via FlickrMail)


The camera has arrived!!! YES!!!!!

It's very exciting to have my first Polaroid camera, and the photos look awesome!!! I took it with me over the weekend on a couple of trips and took some photos which I've posted.

I also found out the fun of giving Polaroids away! There was a group of loud guys at the kids soccer game that thought a Polaroid of them was just the best thing ever!!! I also gave a photo I took of my friend's 10 year old to him after our flight in the weekend (I took him and his mum to the beach for lunch in a small plane). I think he took the photo with him to school to show all his friends !!!!

Anyway, thanks again! I'm so excited about this I'm like a little kid :-)

Thanks guys!

Chris’ Polaroid set can be seen on Flickr

The Polaroid Giveaway happened on the April 15, 2010 / Episode 13  Film Photography Podcast.


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