What Does Expired, Badly Stored Kodachrome Look Like?

Posted: 03/24/2010

Blog by Michael Raso

Results from Film that was Mistreated, Badly Stored, Heated, Unloved & Wayyyyyyyyy Past Its Expiration Date.

Generally, expired films that are stored properly will yield excellent results (as you'll see at he bottom of the page), but film that is poorly store...well, that's another story!

The film stock in question was Kodachrome 64 (110 format), expired in May 1988 and purchased from e-bay. E-bay seller promised film was properly stored. I never say it, but I’m gonna have to…impossible that it was properly stored.

Below: images shot 2/20/2010 on the same roll of 5/88 expired Kodachrome. Shot at Chainsaw Kiss film benefit @ The Clash Bar in New Jersey w/ the JC Penny “11” 110 Camera and MagiCube Flash.


Don't know why this particular frame yielded a blue-magenta cast
(while other shots from the same roll varied)


Don't know why this particular frame yielded a color-less cast (while other shots from the same roll varied. My guess is that the film emulsion sensed that a vampire and werewolf were being photographed)


The most normal-looking (sort-of) exposure while certainly the subject matter is far from normal.

Too creeped out to guess why "666" appears in
the middle of the frame (instead of the image that I shot).

I will admit, it is very rare that I encounter such a horribly stored roll of film. Luck of the draw.

For comparison, here is a shot taken with my Canon FTb on the same evening using Kodachrome 64 that expired 8/1992:

Canon FTbCanon FD 50mm f/1.8 lensKodachrome 64(roll 1 – expired 8/1992)
Canon FTb Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 lens
Kodachrome 64 (roll 1 – expired 8/1992)

Shattered that the images from the 1988 film look so awful. Don’t lose faith in expired film. Here is a shot taken with Kodachrome 25 with an expiration date of 06/1985 (shot in 2009)



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