A Night of Dangerous Photography

Posted: 02/19/2010

“Chainsaw Kiss” isn’t a band. It’s a New Jersey Indie filmmaking group who (this year) has embarked on the production of their first feature film project. Sure, there are dozens (and dozens) of ultra-low budget filmmaking groups in the New York area making their first feature. What makes “Chainsaw Kiss” float to the top of my list is their decision to shoot on Super 8 and 16mm.

In an age where film is being dropped daily for digital, it is beyond awesome to meet filmmakers (and photographers alike) who are discarding their bits ‘n bytes for the beautiful, achievable and (practically) indestructible medium of film.

Filmmaker Victor Bonacore

One of the leaders of “Chansaw Kiss” is Victor Bonacore. I met him about a year or so ago traveling on a bus from New York to New Jersey. The small world that it is, I found that a few of the members of his filmmaking group I already knew from my own filmmaking exploits eight years earlier.

Victor Bonacore, Linnea Quigley and Johnny Link - Photo by Justin Channell

More than half way past production on their first feature film (“Blood Wings”) they’ve hit a temporary blockade….out of funds. Not an uncommon thing and certainly something I have personally experienced in years past. I would have suggested a bake sale but they came up with something much, much better. A night of live music to raise the additional funds to finish their film.


For $8.00 you get to hear four great bands and help make a film in the process! I’ll be heading down to the event this Saturday, multiple relic cameras bulging from my pockets.

I carefully picked the following cameras of choice to shoot the upcoming event:

The JC Penny “11” camera / Magicube Flash Cubes / Kodachrome 64 110 film


The 1970 Keystone 125x camera / Magicube Flash Cubes / Kodachrome 64 126 film


Haven’t decided yet but probably won’t be able to resist bringing my trusty Canon FTb as well.

If you’re in the New Jersey area, please do stop by.

Check out this FACEBOOK link for info.

Chainsaw Kiss MySpace link

Check back here in about 15 days for the photographic results.




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