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Posted: 09/18/2009

"Old Film Project" on

OLD FILM PROJECT9/15/2009Canon AE-1 ProgramFujicolor Superia X-Tra 400

Yashica 35-ME Camera
EFKE KB21 B&W Film (expired 1977)
Image shot 9/15/2009
with Canon AE-1 Program
Fujicolor Superia X-Tra 400 Color Print Film

When Flickr member Daniel Whitman found 400 rolls of dated black & white film he decided to start a community group called Old Film Project and give the film away!

Flickr members from around the world joined the group and received 8 rolls of the old film free of charge—under the condition that they will shoot the film as part of groups projects and themes.

I joined in September 2009. I saw it as a unique and fun opportunity to create some great images (I hope) and interact with other photographers around the world.

The film is Kodak and Efke brand and expired anywhere from 1975 to 1981. Very old, indeed.

The "Old Film Project" can be found at:

Kodak Porta 160vc (expired 12/2008).
Canon AE-1.
Canon 50mm Lens.
Canon 199A Flash.

2nd Street Pete and filmmaker Carter Stevens visited the studio last week to record a DVD commentary track for the upcoming release of Carter's 1980 film "Wicked Schoolgirls." Perfect photo op to shoot with my Canon AE-1.

8-16-2009Canon AE-1Memories 200asa Film
Self portrait using my
Canon AE-1 on a tripod (24mm Canon FD lens).
I used "dollar store" film called Memories.

It's a 200asa color print film and yields quite a bit of grain. I removed the color electronically using Photoshop 7 for Windows XP.

Shot with Canon AE-1.Tokina 28mm LensMemories 200asa Color Print Film

The "Memories" film was so inexpensive that I purchased 90 rolls. The film currently resides in my freezer.



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