Your short list of sharp shooters and versatle...rr-ahh varment?

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So... Could anyone suggest your list of 110 cameras that have the right stuff?

My list

Pentax Auto 110

Voigtlander Vitoret 110 EL

Kodak Mini Instamatic S 30


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alex luyckx (not verified)
Minolta Zoom 110 Auto Minolta

Minolta Zoom 110 Auto

Minolta Zoom 110 Auto Mk II

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Funny enough, read this

Funny enough, read this thread the other day. Said to myself,

"Hey I didn't know Voigtlander made a 110 camera"

Walked into a local photo store yesterday and they had one sitting on the counter for $10. I happily paid it, if for anything the flash which looks killer on the Leica.

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My vote

Goes to the Minolta 110 Zoom Mark II.  I've heard a lot of good things about the Pentax Auto 110, so I got one.  I didn't realize what a pain it is to change lenses when you need a new focal length.  Love the flexabilty of the zoom.  I guess I'll have to accept the inherent image degradation that comes with a zoom lens.

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Pentax 110, FTW!

I have a Pentax Auto 110 -- in fact I like it so much I bought a second one! I think it is an awesome camera. Nano_Burger, no camera is perfect for anyone, so I can understand yor interest in the Minolta, respect your opinion, etc. But i have to share my Pentax Auto 110 love!

My pentax came with 3 lenses a flash and a power-winder (how crazy) in a cute little case for under a hundred bucks. It is funny but in my 30+ years of being a photographer, this camera is my most complete system, haha (2 bodies, 4 lenses, a flash, a powerwinder and a few other accessories). Personally, I like prime lenses and usually do not find the changing of them to be a pain. Partly that is because I do not change lenses a lot on my interchangable lens cameras. Usually i will pick a lens and use it for the day or even longer - in fact I sort of like how i have to fit the image to the lens.

The only thing I really do not like about the Pentax is that the lens covers (both front and rear) do not stay on well, and they are so small that it would be easy to loose them. Additionally, they are hard to find replacements for. But that is a small quibble in what I think is an awesome camera. I also think it looks hilarious when it has the flash and the powerwinder attached, it is totally over the top in this setup. I do not own a Pentax 67 (which is a stunning camera) but I have access to one at work and use it on occasion. The Pentax 67 (which is a 120 camera that looks like an overgrown 35mm slr) and the pentax autto 11o (which looks like a baby slr) look hilarious when parked together.

A second quality 110 I have is the Pocket Instamatic 60. Yes, there was a high end instamatic. This one is cool in that it has features that you do not expect in a pocket instamatic such as a rangefinder!, auto exposure, a really nice kodak lens (we forget that they made good lenses when they wanted to) and a generally solid build quality. The only thing it is missing is that is does not have a sensor to determine film speed so it sets everything to be 80ASA. It is certainly a very different camera than the pocket instamatic 10 I have! (OK, it has its charms as well.)

I think the Pentax 110 and all the 110s are going to increase in price as Lomo has stirred up excitement in the format, so I suggest people go out and buy their 110 cameras of their dreams NOW!

PS: Alex, that is a real score on the Voigtlander!

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I got a complete Pentax 110

I got a complete Pentax 110 outfit when I was in London last month. At the time it wasn't the world's greatest deal but the prices have gone crazy in the past month now and I'm glad I got it. The lenses are quick to change, but I don't like carrying around a pocketful of tiny rare lenses. :) They did make a 20-40mm zoom lens but they're apparently pretty rare and I haven't seen one around. My kit came with all the fixin's... 18mm, 24mm, 50mm and the 70mm as well as flash, power winder and a few filters in the aluminium fitted case. Was about $75US and he threw in a 120 roll back for a project I'm working on. :)


I also have the Minolta 110 - Love the look but it's so hard to focus! I did get a 40.5mm->49mm step up ring so I can use adult sized filters on it. :)

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I don't think that was a bad deal, even a month ago!

As I now have a second back-up pentax 110 en-route to me, I can talk about the prices going up, and I know they are. I think people should keep an eye out for good deals on this and any other high end 110 cameras, and nab them. Now that Lomo is selling 2 types of 110 film, you know people will start hunting for these cameras.

Also, while I like the digital Micro 4/3s format (for digital, haha), what drives me nuts is that some 4/3s dudes are buying the pentax 110 lenses and adapter mounts to use them on their digital cameras! Yikes! So the lenses could be in tight supply as I cannot believe there was a lot of them made in the first place. (Maybe spare Auto 110 bodies will be cheap, haha)

Anyhow mdalzell, given that your kit had the 70mm lens in it, which I understand was pretty rare (it came out with the Super version of the camera) and all the other stuff you got, I think that was a really good deal -- OK, maybe not as good as the mythical finding it in the thrift store for peanuts, but that is happening less and less.

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Got you beat

I hate to crow but my 110 beats you all. It is a bright green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles camera that looks to be in perfect shape. When you take a photo with it, an image of one of the Turtles shows in a lower corner.

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