what happens when battery gets low?

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just wondering, what happens when battery gets low on charge?

how that is affecting the shutter? will that even affect the shutter?


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No battery, no shutter. According to the repair manual 3v cameras should have at least 2.6v, 4.5v versions at least 4.1v for proper operation. That said, they will often work with lower voltage, sometimes much less, just don't depend on it. It varies from camera to camera. Polaroid advised yearly replacement to ensure adequate voltage. If the contacts are dirty the camera may require higher voltage, or not work at all. I haven't observed any difference in performance with low voltage so long as the shutter still functions, but it logically seems the higher the voltage, the sooner the capacitor is charged and the quicker the shutter closes.
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I recently had the battery go

I recently had the battery go dead in my 250... it started working intermittently and the shutter wouldn't open. I assume there wasn't enough voltage for the magnet to hold it. The exposures when it fired still seemed to be okay. 



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The 3 AAA batteries in my 100

The 3 AAA batteries in my 100 went flat a little while back. They were pretty new so maybe there was a short circuit draining them, but I'm not sure. I got two black pictures (the shutter wasn't opening) before I figured it out. Checking them with a voltmeter, they were about 1.3V each.

Now I just take the batteries out at the end of the day after using the camera.

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