Vintage Polaroid 268 Flash Gun with Bulbs (for Automatic Land Cameras)

Vintage Polaroid 268 Flash Gun w/ M3 Bulbs (for Polaroid Auto Land Cameras)

Item Description

An original, vintage flash gun for your folding Polaroid Land Camera (Series 100 through 300 folding cameras). This flash includes 12 M3 flash bulbs and one AA battery!

This flash has been pre-owned and therefore may have some cosmetic imperfections scuffs or marks. FPP thanks you for your consideration in the hope that you will give this vintage flash a fine, new home for many more years of use!

This flash has been fully tested by FPP’s Michael Raso for functionality and includes the following:

Polaroid #268 Flash Gun
1 Package M3 Flash Bulbs (12 bulbs)
1 AA Battery (installed)

Please check your Polaroid manual to make sure that your camera uses the Polaroid #268 flash.