Polaroid Pack Film - Fuji FP-3000b BW

Polaroid Pack Film - Fuji FP-3000b BW

Item Description

Discontinuation Notice / Price Increase: FP-3000b has been discontinued by FujiFilm. We will be acquiring small batches throughout the year. Please check this page frequently for availiubility.We regret that the price has increased due to the ultra-high demand and prices increases from our suppliers - The FPP Gang

Instant BW film for your Type 100 pack film camera!

3.25 x 4.25 - Pack of 10 / Cold-Stored / Dated 11-2014 or later

above: April-Lea image by Michael Raso / shot on FP-3000b

About: A “peel-apart” instant black and white film compatible with Polaroid Colorpack, Big Shot, Automatic 100 – 450 and most other Polaroid Pack cameras*

FP-3000b is unique in that it is one of the few BW instant films that produce a BW negative that yields a medium contrast image when scanned (see video below).

* Please note Fuji Instant BW Film FP-3000 is not compatible with the Polaroid 600, Spectra or SX 70 Cameras.

Additionally, be aware that FP-3000b is the incorrect asa for use with the Polaroid Big Shot Camera. You may receive pleasing results if you use a neutral density filter – experimentation required.

below: Scan your FP-3000b Neg Video

below: How to use FP-3000b in the Polaroid Big Shot camera