Polaroid Impulse 600 Portrait Instant Film Camera

Polaroid Impulse 600 Portrait Instant Film Camera

Item Description

The Polaroid Impulse Portrait (116mm lens - f/9), similar to the One Step, has a unique ergonomic design. Additional features include:

•fixed focus (4 feet to infinity)
•switch-able built-in “close up” lens (minimum focal length 2 feet to 4 feet)
•automatic flash (flash automatically fires on every shot)
•uses Polaroid 600 film and Impossible Project PX 600 film

Please note that our cameras have been fully tested by FPP’s Michael Raso. All of our cameras have been pre-owned and therefore may have some cosmetic imperfections scuffs or marks. Any imperfections will not get in the way of making great, great images!

Sample Images

Polaroid Impulse Portait Sample Image
Polaroid Impulse Portrait Sample Image
Polaroid Impulse Image by William Apriceno
William on Polaroid Impulse