Polaroid 440 "Hollywood Dog" Automatic Land Camera


Item Description

It's the Polaroid 440 Automatic Land Camera. Around these parts, we call the 440 "The Hollywood Dog"! The story goes that FPP founder Michael Raso received a mystery package in early 2011 that contained a Polaroid 440 camera. No note, no explanation, but the camera did have a "Hollywood Dog" sticker on it featuring a slinky pooch wearing a red baret! Who is The Hollywood Dog????

So, put on your baret, grab your 440 and walk the dog!...The Hollywood Dog. Each camera is branded with a replica of the original Hollywood Dog sticker!

FPP listener Andy Jenkins shoots with the Hollywood Dog!

"so knock me down" Polaroid 440 image shot by Andy Jenkins in Fujifilm FP-3000b

The 1971 Polaroid 440 features a superior glass lens (114mm, f/8.8 3-element glass), folding eyepiece, folding bellows, PC socket for flash , Built-in mechanical development timer (on back of camera) and automatic exposure (with a Polaroid "electric eye"). Exposure compensation dial with range of -1/+2 stops (Lighten/Darken control), Film speed settings of 75asa (for 100asa film) and 3000asa (for BW 3000asa film).

Please note that our cameras have been fully tested by FPP’s Michael Raso. All of our cameras have been pre-owned and therefore may have some cosmetic imperfections scuffs or marks. Any imperfections will not get in the way of making great, great images!

Package includes:
- Polaroid 440 "Hollywood Dog" Automatic Land Camera with cover
- Battery – Please note that the battery compartment has been completely refurbished and converted so that your Polaroid 440 will use 2-AAA batteries. Replacing batteries will be a breeze. Speaking of batteries, two fresh AAA batteries are included and installed!

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Sample Images

Polaroid 440 image by Andy Jenkins
Polaroid 440 image by Michael Raso
Polaroid 440 image by Michael Raso
Polaroid 440 image by Leslie Lazenby