Polaroid #191 Cable Release

Polaroid #191 Cable Release

Item Description

Cable release that will work with all Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras. Most useful for camera models that sport a tripod socket (Polaroid models 100, 101, 102, 240, 250, 350, 360, 450)

Note: Product is vintage used and has been inspected and tested by FPP's Michael Raso. Although the cable release is in excellent condition, it may have some wear and tear due to the passage of time.

What is a cable release? " Cable Releases are the mechanisms attached to cameras that allow photographers to snap photos from a distance. Generally attached to a camera atop a tripod, a cable release consists of a wire, extending from the camera, that has a button trigger at the end of it. The photographer holds the button end of the cable and presses to trigger the camera shutter to take a photo." - http://www.photography.com/articles/equipment/cable-release/