Kodak Vintage Tele-Photo Instamatic 608 (110 camera outfit)

Kodak Tele-Photo Instamatic 608 (110 camera outfit)

Item Description

The Film Photography Store is thrilled to bring you an authentic vintage 1970s Kodak 110 camera! The Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 Camera! The camera with TWO built-in lenses...normal (25mm) and telephoto (43mm)!

You Get:

•Camera in its original 1970s box (or vintage carry pouch)!
•One Flip-Flash!
•One roll of Lomo or Fujifilm 110!

Camera Specs:

•Uses 110 pocket film
•Requires no Batteries
•Shutter: 1/125th sec (Daylight) - 1/45th sec (with Flash)
•F-stop: f11
•Fixed Focus (5 ft to infinity) 25mm lens / 43mm lens

above: Original US TV Advert for the Kodak 608 featuring Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Eve Plumb (The Brady Bunch)