Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20 Gift Outfit!

Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20 Camera

Item Description

Kodak's amazing, compact 620 Flashmite is "the" perfect gift for yourself or a film friend!

Included in this outfit:

•Kodak Flashmite 20 camera (tested)
•One roll of 620 BW film
•Non pre-paid mailer for film developing / scans
•Six AG-1 Flash bulbs

The awesome 1960 blue/grey molded plastic 620 film camera! It takes 12 square images on each roll of 620 film (available here!). It's built-in flash takes 2-AA batteries and uses AG-1 bulbs. See our FPP Flashmite 20 video below!

Every Kodak Flashmite 20 camera in the FPP Store is fully tested by Michael Raso before shipping to you. The shutter is completely functional (fixed at approx 1/40th sec) and the camera has three f-stops - EV 13 (f11), 14  (f16), 15 (f22). Film with an ISO of 100 or 200 is recommended for this camera in normal daylight conditions.

The camera has three focusing options - Close-Ups 4-6 feet, Groups 6-12 feet and Scenes 12 feet to infinity. 

above: "Building in Butler" - shot on Fujichrome Provia 100F 620 film

above: The Manning Ave Cemetery in Butler NJ shot on Kodak TMax 100 (620 film)

Please note that due to the camera's age, The FPP will guarantee the camera for 90 days. 

The world's largest selection of 620 film is availavle in The FPP 620 Film section!

Shoot like it's 1960! Experience the beautiful Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20 camera!


Sample Images

Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20
Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20
Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20
Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20