Holga 135PC (Pinhole Camera)

Holga 135PC (Pinhole Camera)

Item Description

A pinhole camera allows light to pass through a very small hole without use of a lens.

This Holga 135PC camera offers unlimited depth of field and soft-focus, ‘dreamy’ images. Pressing your finger on the shutter keeps it open until you release it. An exposure guide on the back helps you determine the length of your exposure (i.e. fine weather 1 – 3sec / overcast 4 – 6sec / dusk 7 sec)
The film is advanced manually, so you can achieve multiple exposures!

•uses 35mm film
•shutter has screw mount capable of accepting “cable release” (not incl)
•camera has tripod mount on bottom
•pinhole size – 0.25mm diameter
•aperture f/172