fpp Roll-It-Yourself 35mm Film Rolling Kit!

fpp Roll-It-Yourself 35mm Film Rolling Kit!

Item Description

The Time is NOW to Roll Your Own!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! As discussed on The Film Photography Podcast Radio Show, you can roll your own 35mm film cartridges - You pick how many exposures per roll 12 exp! 24 exp! 36 exp! or any odd number in between! Clean off a table, turn on The FPP and start rolling!

  above: FPP Cowboy Joe says "Have a Mr. Brown and start rollin'!"

This Kit includes:

  • 1 - AP Bulk Film Loader - Durable bulk film loader. Unique features include ISO setting indicator, exposure counter, remaining film length indicator. The bulk film loader hand-picked and preferred by FPP's Michael Raso!
  • 20 - Recycled 35mm Film Cartridges!

above: Mark shoots Minolta! All photos shot on Kodak Tri-X. Courtesy of The Film Photography Podcast - The Internet Radio Show for People Who Shoot Film!