FPP Plastic Filmtastic 120 Debonair Camera

FPP Plastic Filmtastic 120 Debonair Camera

Item Description

The Plastic Filmtastic 120 Debonair is our all-plastic camera from Hong Kong. It's vintage (circa late 1980s) and ships brand-new in its original box!

FPP’s  medium format “fixed focus” camera with lens producing a soft-focus image with full double-exposure capability and intense vignetting.

Despite a few similarities, it is not the same as the "Debonair" Diana or the Imperial Debonair from Chicago’s Herbert George Camera Company. Nope, not a Diana, not a Holga but a strange hybrid manufactured in a mysterious, unknown  factory in Hong Kong!

The Plastic Filmtastic 120 Debonair takes 120 roll film. You’ll get 16 - 6×4.5 cm wonderful, dreamy images per roll! The red window on the back of the camera counts off 16 exposures as you manually roll to your next shot.

The lens barrel is molded with focusing icons (one person – group shot – mountains) and the f8 60mm plastic “Super Lens” has a sunny/cloudy switch. Shutter is fixed at approximately 1/100th sec.

Double exposures are easy by just clicking off the shutter to your heart’s content!

On top of the camera is a “hot shoe” for your favorite flash or consider adding the awesome FPP 50M Electronic Flash (available but not included).

100 or 200 iso film recommended for direct sunlight / flash and 400 iso film recommended for overcast days.

•uses 120 film (35mm for Sprocket Hole photography)
•‘light leaks’ may result to produce unique effects
•60mm optical Super Plastic Lens, f/8
•approx 1/50th sec on cloudy/flash - 1/100th sec shutter on sunny
•no batteries needed
•hot shoe for flash (optional external flash not included)

A must have camera to keep in your bag, your car, in your pocket at all times!

Who Loves the FPP Debonair 120 Plastic Film Camera? Everyone, including world renowned photographer Annie Liebovitz! Above image : Annie Liebovitz and Mat Marrash - shot by Prof Jeff on the FPP Plastic Filmtastic Debonair!!!

above: Portrait shot with the "Plastic Filmtastic" 120 Debonair / Bentley Smith plain' favorites on the Hudson River. Below: The FPP Video!



above: Sprocket Hole image made in the FPP Debonair by Leslie Lazenby

Yes, that's right! - SPROCKETS!

By loading 35mm film into your FPP Debonair, you too can shoot Sprocket Hole Photography!

Get your FPP Plastic Filmtastic Camera now!

Sample Images

FPP Debonair Image by Leslie Lazenby
FPP Debonair Image by Michael Raso
FPP Debonair Image by Michael Raso
FPP Debonair Image by Michael Raso