FPP "New" 268 Electronic Flash Holder w/ Electronic Flash

FPP "New" 268 Electronic Flash Holder w/ Electronic Flash

Item Description

Bracket and Electronic Flash (with PC Cord) for Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras folding 100 - 300 Series Cameras!

This FPP #268 Electronic Flash Shoe and Flash has been fully tested by FPP’s Michael Raso for functionality and includes the following:

  • Cold shoe flash bracket for Polaroid cameras that use Polaroid #268 Flash Guns
  • Electronic Flash with detachable PC cord*
  • Two AA batteries included

A Film Photography Store exclusive item engineered in our very workshop! Your days of using expensive, old-fashioned flash bulbs are over when you purchase the FPP Flash Bracket with electronic flash.

The Polaroid 268 mount will fit perfectly atop your folding Polaroid Land “pack” camera.* The PC cord from the flash fits into the PC socket of your camera allowing the use of the electronic flash.

Polaroid shooters are loving it! "I just received my electronic flash and bracket mount for my Polaroid 210  land camera.. It works great . You guys are amazing. Thank you so much and keep up the good work." - Cesar


Please check your Polaroid manual to make sure that your camera uses the Polaroid #268 flash mount. The FPP team has done ample testing and found that the electronic flash works best at 4 – 5 feet from your subject. Longer distances will require you to adjust the exposure to “lighten” with experimentation.

*The FPP ships either the 50m electronic flash, vintage Vivitar flash or similar based upon inventory. All flashes are tested before shipping!

More information about Polaroid Land Cameras and Electronic Flashes at THE LAND LIST: http://www.rwhirled.com/landlist/how2-packflash.htm

Daniel Castaneda's note to The Film Photography Project regarding his new FPP 50m flash for his Polaroid 100 Automatic Land Camera:

"I just want to say Thank you for what you are doing for film photography, keeping it alive and being passionate about it!! I bought a FFP 50mm Electronic Flash for my Polaroid 100, it is awesome and it even looks amazing. I am really enjoying it!"