Expired 35mm BW - Lo-Fi BW Negative (4 Rolls)

Expired 35mm BW - Lo-Fi BW Negative (4 Rolls)

Item Description

A Mixed 4 Roll-Pack of expired black and white negative 35mm Film for your Lo-Fi Shooting!

What is FPP Lo-Fi BW Film?

Each 35mm roll is a true "mixed bag" of expired BW negative films. Your package will be culled from a variety of brands with differing expiration dates, and the storage will vary from fine cold-stored to room temp from the back of the sock drawer.

As you might expect, your results will vary from shocking tones shifts to beautifully preserved black and white. For lomo-minded folks only! One man's nightmare is another man's delight! Iso, brand and type of film will vary. You don't know what you'll get!

What will I receive?

You will receive a mixed bag of 4 rolls BW negative film. How many exposures? Each roll is guaranteed to be 24 exposures (but some may be 36 exposures!) As with all expired films your experience will vary and film outcome is not guaranteed.

 Your results will vary. Pick up a lot and start shooting!