Automatic Land Camera - Polaroid 420

Polaroid Pack Camera - Polaroid 420 Automatic Land Camera

Item Description


Model Dallas Adams with the Polaroid 420 Automatic Land Camera. Image by Michael Krabbenhoeft

Package includes:

  • Polaroid 420 Camera with cover
  • New, AAA batteries*

Fully Tested! Please note that our cameras have been fully tested by FPP’s Michael Raso. All of our cameras have been pre-owned and therefore may have some cosmetic imperfections scuffs or marks. Any imperfections will not get in the way of making great, great images!

*Battery Compartment Refurbished ! Please note that the battery compartment has been completely refurbished and converted so that your Polaroid 420 will use 2-AAA batteries. Replacing batteries will be a breeze. Speaking of batteries, two fresh AAA batteries are included and installed!

What's the "buzz" about the Polaroid 420? It's FPP's Most Popular Polaroid since 2011! Why's that? It's the go-to Automatic Land Camera for FPP co-host Mat Marrash and Ontario-based Polaroid photographer April-Lea Hutchinson! With its plastic lens, lightweight body and durability, what's not to love!

Camera info - Introduced in 1971 and produced through 1977, this Pola-Pack-Tastic camera features:

  • Plastic body and plastic shutter/lens housing
  • 114mm f/8.8 2-element plastic lens
  • Separate rangefinder focus
  • Parallax viewfinder
  • Shutter: 1/1200sec to 10sec (automatic)
  • Aperture: f8 to f42 (automatic)
  • Exposure compensation dial with range of -1/+2 stops (Lighten/Darken control).
  • Film speed settings of 75, 150, 300, and 3000 ASA
  • Camera uses Fujifilm FP-100c, FP-3000b and other Polaroid Series 100 instant films.

above: Polaroid 420 image by FPP listener Shawn Hoke.

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Polaroid 420 image by Mat Marrash (pictured below)

above: Ontario photographer April-Lea Hutchinson shooting with her Polaroid 420 / April-Lea's Polaroid 420 image by

Film is not included but can be purchased here!

Flash is not included but can be purchased HERE!

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