Automatic Land Camera - Polaroid 250


Item Description

The Vintage Polaroid 250 Automatic Land Camera!

A perfect gift for a shutter-bug friend (or yourself)!

This deluxe package includes:

  • Polaroid 250 Camera (tested with new battery)
  • Zeiss Ikon Range Finder Focusing


This top-of-the-line Polaroid camera features folding bellows, tripod socket, PC Flash Socket and automatic exposure (with a Polaroid "electric eye"). Camera has a flip-up single-window view/range finder made by Zeiss Ikon. Finder has projected frame lines and automatic parallax compensation.

Has settings for film speeds of 75, 150, 300, and 3000 ASA. Has switch which gives choice of two different aperture settings for each film speed setting. This model is highly coveted because because of its Zeiss Ikon rangefinder “split-field” focusing and unique “visible focus index guide” printed on the right side of the camera above the bellows.

Inspected and fully tested by (FPP) Film Photography Project's Michael Raso, this camera was gently used by its original owner. Minor scuffs from usage, this awesome 250 operates perfectly for years of awesome image making.

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