4x5 Instant Film - Fujifilm FP-100c45

Fujifilm FP-100c45 4x5 Instant Film

Item Description

Discontinuation Notice / Price Increase: FP-100c45 has been discontinued by FujiFilm. We will be acquiring small batches as we find them. Please check this page frequently for availibility.We regret that the price has increased due to the ultra-high demand and prices increases from our suppliers - The FPP Gang

Fujifilm FP-100C is a "peel-apart-type" instant color daylight film that performs extremely well under varied lighting conditions.

4x5 - 100 asa - 10 sheets per pack - Cold-Stored Dated 01/2010

FP-100C works in any 4x5 camera with a Polaroid 550 or Fuji PA-45 Instant Film Back.

Its fine grain and rich tonal gradation make it ideal for passport photos, commercial test shots, presentations, ID photos, Fuji Transfers, Emulsion Lifts and direct printing.

Please note that your results from expired film will vary greatly and all sales of expired film are non-refundable and for adventurous photographers only!  As with any film that has expired, expect some speed loss and contrast shifts in your final print.

Images above and below shot on Fujifilm FP-100c45 / Graflex Crown Graphic camera by Michael Raso

Sample Images

Fujifilm FP-100c45
Fujifilm FP-100c45
Fujifilm FP-100c45
Fujifilm FP-100c45