35mm Color - Agfa Vista 400 (1 roll)

35mm Color - Agfa Vista 400 (1 roll)

Item Description

Fresh-Dated Super Excellent

AGFA VISTA 400 Color Print Film!

24 exposures! / process: C-41

AgfaPhoto Vista plus 400
You can rely on AgfaPhoto Vista plus 400, an enormously flexible film. It is suitable for all light conditions. It captures fast movements safely on film. Even when conditions are not ideal - you always get the best possible results. For sport and leisure activities; sunshine and clouds; with and without flash; for freezing movement.

• Excellent Grain Quality
• High Speed and Wide
• Exposure Latitude
• Excellent Skin Color
• Reproduction
• Excellent Sharpness
• Exellent Gray Balance
• Improved Aging
• Characteristics

Bill the Cat by Steve the Photographer - Nikon FG / Nikkor AI-S 50/1.8 / Agfa Vista Plus 400 / Steve on Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/behappy1_98/13955071748