35mm Chrome - FujiChrome Velvia 50 (Single Roll)

35mm Color Slide FujiChrome - Velvia 50 (Single Roll)

Item Description

Beautiful FujiChrome Velvia 50 Color Slide Film

Single Roll - 36 exposures - 50 asa

Velvia 50 is back! The original Velvia product provides the High Saturation and Vivid color that has become a Favorite of Photographers.

What is "Chrome" Film? Chrome film is a color reversal film than develops into a color positive when processed via E6 chemistry. Ask your lab if they can process E6. Color positive film can be scanned (just like negative film) and is awesome because you can project color slides using a Kodak Carousel or other slide projector!

ISO 50 - RMS 9 Granularity - High Sharpness and Unique Image Colors - Process E-6 or Cross Process C-41