35mm Chrome - FujiChrome CDU II Tungsten (1 Roll)

35mm Color Slide - FujiChrome CDU II Tungsten (1 Roll)

Item Description

Hand-Rolled FujiChrome CDU Type II Tungsten Film

35mm / 24 exp / 20 iso (no DX coding) / E-6 Processing

Supply is limited!

What is "Chrome" Film? Chrome film is a color reversal film than develops into a color positive when processed via E6 chemistry. Ask your lab if they can process E6. Color positive film can be scanned (just like negative film) and is awesome because you can project color slides using a Kodak Carousel or other slide projector!

Originally designed as a lab duplicating film, CDU II is a low-iso film that will produce unique images!

Designed to be shot in tungsten or indoor light, this film will produce a blue hue when shot in daylight. Use an orange #85 filter outdoors to correct for daylight.

Shooting in Daylight (No Filter)

Shooting CDU Type II film in daylight without a filter will give you gorgeous "blue" hues!

Above: Image shot mid-day with no filter! Photo by Michael Raso / Below: Daytime shot with no filter. The amount of sunlight and color temperature will affect the hue of your image. Photo by Leslie Lazenby

Shooting in Daylight (with 85b Orange Filter)

Shooting with a 85b filter will color correct the film. Remember to meter through the lens or open up 2 more stops with the filter on.

Above: Image shot in daylight with an 85b filter over the lens. Photo by Michael Raso

Shoot in Tungsten (Indoor) Light

Shooting in tungsten studio lights or indoor bulbs will produce normal skin tones (providing that your subject is actually human!)

Shooting in Mixed Light (Day for Night)

Shooting a subject outdoors and using a flash with an 85 filter over it will produce an interesting Day For Night effect. Day for Night is the name for cinematographic techniques used to simulate a night scene; such as using tungsten-balanced film rather than daylight-balanced film stock to create the illusion of darkness or moonlight.

above: Desiree Saetia shot day for night. Orange (85) filter used over flash to correct skin tone. Photo by Michael Raso

Sample Images

FujiChrome CDU Type II Image by Michael Raso
FujiChrome CDU Type II Image by Michael Raso
FujiChrome CDU Type II Image by Leslie Lazenby
ujiChrome CDU Type II Image by Michael Raso