35mm Chrome - Agfachrome RSX-II 200 (WittnerChrome)

35mm Chrome - Agfachrome RSX-II 200 (WittnerChrome)

Item Description

WittnerChrome 200D 35mm Color Slide Film

35mm / 36 exp / 200 iso / E-6 Processing

What is "WittnerChrome" Film? Booya! This film is Agfachrome RSX-II 200 - slit and rolled by the Wittner Company and imported by The FPP! Chrome film is a color reversal film than develops into a color positive when processed via E6 chemistry. Color positive film can be scanned (just like negative film) and is awesome because you can project color slides using a Kodak Carousel or other slide projector! Ask your lab if they can process E6 – Recommended lab - https://thedarkroom.com/)

Is there a DX Code? This film is manufactured by the Wittner Company without a DX Code....BUT....the FPP includes a 200 iso metallic DX Code sticker with every roll purchased!

How do I develop Color Slide film? If you are sending your film out then select E6 option for color slides or if you wish to cross-process, select C-41 option for color negs. Note that cross-processing will produce slight color-shifts. If you home-process, use the FPP Rapid E6 kit for color slides or the FPP C-41 kit for cross-processed color negs!

What is Cross-Processing? Cross Processing is when you process Color Slide Film (E6) in Color Negative chemistry (C-41). The results will yield a color negative with an alternative color palette. Colors may be subdued and pastel-like. According to WikiPedia “The results of cross processing differ from case to case, as the results are determined by many factors such as the make and type of the film used, the amount of light exposed onto the film and the chemical used to develop the film.”