35mm BW - Eastman High Contrast 5363 (1 Roll)

35mm BW Kodak - Eastman High Contrast 5363 (1 Roll)

Item Description

Fresh Eastman High Contrast 5363 35mm Black & White Film!

One Roll / iso 25 / 24 exposures / DX Coded

The FPP now offers Eastman High Contrast 5363 in convenient 35mm rolls. Hand-rolled by Michael Raso from 1000 ft cinema reels in the FPP Studio Darkroom.

Eastman High Contrast Positive 5363 (35mm) is a positive motion picture film originally designed for direct contact copying titles and mats in motion picture work. The film has standard sprockets and also tiny holes for proper registration when using as copy film. This blue-sensitive film* is characterized by high contrast, excellent sharpness, and very high resolving power.

For a unique and special look for your photography, we've now made it available in 35mm cartridges for you! 

above: Leslie Lazenby shot on Eastman High Contrast 5363 and developed in FPP TD-3 Developer / Pentax K1000SE camera / Pentax 50mm f1.2 lens

When shot in a 35mm still camera, BW processing will yield an ultra high contrast negative. There is no rem jet associated with this film (like the color Vision stocks). The recommended developer is TD-3.  Other developers like Kodak D76, HC-110, Ektol and others. This film can also be commercially processed by The Darkroom and other commercial labs that process black and white film.

Read Mark O'Brien's 5363 Blog for more development information:


above: Eastman High Contrast shot by Mark O'Brien. Check out Mark's blog HERE.

Photographer Robert “Q” Oliver shoots Eastman 5363 and had the following to say: “I’ve just finished scanning the Eastman film and the results are beautiful. I developed the film in Ilford DD-X 1:4 @ 6:30. Skin tones are beautiful and this has to be one of the sharpest films I’ve ever used. I think this will be my go to film for portraits now!”

images above and below by "Q" Oliver shot on Eastman 5363 - http://www.qoliverphoto.com/ - On Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ep3/

Sample Images

Eastman 5363 Image by Q Oliver
Eastman High Contrast 5363 BW
Eastman 5363 Image by Q Oliver
Eastman 5363 Image by Q Oliver