35mm BW - Eastman Double-X 5222 - 19-ROLLS in a Kodak Can

35mm BW - Eastman Double-X  5222 (LIMITED 19-ROLLS in a CAN)

Item Description

The perfect gift for your shutter-bug pal (or yourself)!!!

19 hand-rolled, 24 exposure rolls of Eastman Double-X shipped in a real, Kodak Double-X 8" x 8" film can! Each roll is DX Coded too!

19 Rolls / 35mm / 24 exp ea / 200 asa / DX Coded

What is Eastman Double X? Eastman Double-X 5222 is a film made for motion picture cameras and is used by Hollywood cinematographers for films like Schindler's List and Casino Royale (more info below)

Previously only available in 400 and 1000ft cinema reels, the FPP now offers EASTMAN DOUBLE-X Negative Film 5222 in convenient hand-rolled 35mm canisters of 24 exposures!

Please note that our film is hand-rolled from Super-Fresh film directly from Eastman Kodak. We do not use re-canned "short ends" for our 24exp rolls.

Film is brand new, fresh shipped from Eastman Kodak to Us to You! 

above: Lucas Carbonari shot this beautiful image on his Nikon F5 / Mamiya Sekor C 80mm f1.9 on 5022 BW film - Lucas on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/meccanico84/

below: The name is Bond, James Bond...shot on Eastman 5222! Image from Casino Royale - http://www.theasc.com/ac_magazine/December2006/CasinoRoyale/page3.php#

Technical info from Kodak - Black-and-white negative films from Kodak have been a creative story telling tool for decades. EASTMAN DOUBLE-X Negative Film 5222 / 7222 has the subtleties in tone scale that you’ve come to expect, and now it’s been optimized for physical performance. Features include a scratch-resistance backing and a process-surviving top layer, allowing:

    Better camera transport
    Reduced noise in the camera
    Improved raw stock keeping
    Decreased risk of ferrotyping

Designed for general production use outdoors and in the studio, in dim light, and anywhere you need greater depth of field without increased illumination. This high-speed camera negative film has excellent image-structure characteristics.

Read more: http://motion.kodak.com/motion/Products/Production/Black_And_White_Films/5222.htm#ixzz2WrWNFKG0

above - below: Dane and Mark of  The Smoove Sailors shot on the Canon EOS Rebel G - Canon EF 40mm f2.8 lens. Photos by Michael Raso

There are a growing number of still shooters using motion picture film in their still cameras - specially Eastman Double-X as it can be developed in traditional BW chemistry and the film has no "rem jet" layer that has been an issue with the Vision color motion picture films.

According to Project Double X online, "...it is the look of Double-X that makes it that little bit special and with users exposing it at and beyond its designed exposure index and in various developers, the images it produces are beautifully rich in tones and clarity.

Motion picture films using the Eastman B&W film stock  include: Schindler's List (1993), Memento (2000), Kafka (1991), I'm Not There (2007).

The opening black and white scene of the James Bond film, Casino Royale (2006) was shot on Double-X. The English Cinematographer, Phil Méheux, BSC, talked about the scene, in 2006, for the magazine of the American Society of Cinematographers." - http://www.project-double-x.org

Visit the Eastman Double-X Group on FLICKR - http://www.flickr.com/groups/656147@N20/


Sample Images

Image by Luca Carbonari shot on Eastman 5222
Image by Michael Raso shot on Eastman 5222
Image by Luca Carbonari shot on Eastman 5222
Image by Michael Raso shot on Eastman 5222