135 Cinema Film - FPP Kodak Vision Sampler Box - 12 Rolls!

135 Cinema Film - FPP Kodak Vision Sampler Box (9 Rolls)

Item Description

A little bit of Hollywood in your 35mm still camera? Yes! Kodak's world-famous Vision 3 Motion Picture films stock is now hand-rolled for you to shoot!!

Kodak Vision 3 - 9-Roll Sampler Box (+ 3 Bonus Rolls)

3 Rolls 50D / 3 Rolls 250D / 3 Rolls 500T

+ 3 Bonus Rolls of Kodak 5242 Incredibly Slow Color ( iso 0.8*)!

27 Exposures Each Roll / Fresh-Dated / Process: ECN-2*

*NOTICE: This film can not be processed by any commercial film lab EXCEPT for Little Film Lab or for folks who are who are using our home processing - FPP Unicolor Home Color Processing Kit.

Ultra Fresh and Made in the USA! - Our film is purchased fresh and direct from Eastman Kodak USA. We do not use "re-canned film" or "short ends"!

Why can't I process this film at my favorite C-41 lab?

Kodak's Vision 3 motion picture films have an additional layer (on the shiny, not the emulsion side) called a "Rem Jet". This layer aids the film traveling at 24fps in motion picture cameras. Although technically this film can be processed C-41, this Rem Jet will foul commercial lab's equipment and there for can not be commercially processed.

What commercial lab will process my negs, scan and or print for me?

You can send your film to the Little Film Lab in California, USA. This is the only lab that has recently tested our Hand-Rolled Kodak Vision 3 films and can handle processing- http://www.littlefilmlab.com/services/

Are you sure my local or favorite lab can't process this film?!

YES! WE ARE SURE! This film MUST BE self-processed or sent to the Little Film Lab. Do not send out this film to your regular processor. It will be returned to you or your actions will foul your lab's gear. :(

How do I process this film with FPP's Unicolor c-41 Kit?

In addition to the normal directions for C-41 home-processing please add the following step.

After your Blix, rinse your film in a half bucket of hot water (80 - 102 degrees F). With your thumb, gently rub the non-emulsion side of your film as you remove it from your film reel. Careful not to scratch the emulsion of your film. Final rinse under running water before submerging your film into the two-minute Stabilizer. You will see the black rem jet in your water as you rinse.

That's it! Hang your film to dry and then scan! Enjoy!!!!


Re: Kodak 5242 Incredibly Slow Film - How Do I Meter for ISO 0.8

If you own a hand-held light meter (like the Gossen Luna Pro F) you can dial in iso 0.8. Otherwise you can dial your meter to iso 25 and then just open up an additional 5 f-stops.

Sample Images

Kodak Vision 3 - 500T image by Michael Raso
Kodak Vision 3 - 500T image by Michael Raso
Kodak Vision 3 - 50D image by Michael Raso
Kodak Vision 3 - 250D image by Michael Raso