110 Pocket "Vintage Grab Bag" camera

110 Pocket "Vintage Grab Bag" camera

Item Description

There is no better time than NOW to shoot 110 film!

Feel daring?! Try a vintage, well-used authentic 1970s camera. No packaging, no box...just a fully tested camera at a great price...ready to shoot your favorite 110 film!!! Your camera will be grabbed and shipped from out camera-tested pile. Might be Generic Brand, a Concord, a Kodak, a Minolta, a Vivitar...who knows...but it'll be fully tested!

Sporting the best features from the cameras from the fabulous 1970s, this 110 pocket camera is one of the smallest around, is flash cube or flip-flash capable and perfect for your indoor/outdoor shoots!

•Uses 110 pocket film
•Requires no batteries / can use flip-flash or cube (based on model)
•Shutter: approx 1/100th sec
•F-stop: approx f8
•Fixed Focus