Rubberized Holga

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I just came across this for the first time, I assume it's new but I've not heard anything about it before.

does anyone have any info on it or experience with it?



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Using one now
Hello, looks like you posted this some time ago, but thought I'd comment anyway. I do have a rubberized Holga. It's my first and only one at this point. I bought it because I thought the finish might give the camera a more sturdy feel and make it easier to hold on to. Since I haven't used any other Holgas, its kind of hard to make a comparison. One definite issue is that the surface texture changes how it can be modified, I think. I tried doing the velcro mod to keep the back more secure, but it just peels right off the camera when you try to separate the velcro sides. I'm assuming this has to do with the "rubberized" finished. I've just used some black electrical tape instead, which peels off without leaving any residue. So, it has at this point worked well for me.

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